Assess the quality of all fluids – Engine fluids lubricate moving parts to minimize the effects of friction. It keep this element clean of contamination and at the level necessary to do its job. As you request an oil change, have the auto mechanic check the fluid levels.
Take care of your tires – For proper tire care, you need to regularly schedule tire rotations and alignment checks, and maintain proper tire air pressure. Schedule an Appointment At Adams Automotive Services in Houston Texas.
Check belts and hoses – Newer vehicles use serpentine belts, which drive most engine parts whereas older vehicle using V-belts Have your auto repair technician check for cracks, excessive wear, fraying and exposed threads. Keeping your belts strong and healthy will help your engine operate more efficiently, as well as prevent expensive damage.
Change your filters – Your vehicle has two essential filters: the cabin filter and the engine filter. Check your owner’s manual to see how often your filters need to be replaced to prevent dirt and debris from clogging important engine functions.

Keep up with your battery life – As the battery ages, it no can no longer hold a charge and eventually dies. Ask your friendly auto repair shop to perform battery charge test when it hits the 3-year mark. It’s also important to make sure the battery stays clean and corrosion-free.

Keep up with the best tips for car maintenance to avoid costly car repair expenses is to keep your fluids at optimal levels. Our ASE-certified Adams Automotive Services technicians in Houston, Texas will help your vehicle run efficiently for years. contact us through or call us on (713) 932-0934 and we will be happy to help!