Car Maintenance Tips

Get Car Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

At Adams Auto Repair, we have many years of experience in servicing and repair of all car brands. So, we know that bringing your vehicle to an auto service center for repair is not at all convenient.

Being one of the top-notch car repair services in Houston, TX, we are happy to assist you with all your auto repair service requirements. However, we would also like to ensure that you are taking enough care of your car at your home too! By following a few guidelines, you can get the maximum mileage out of your vehicle and save the expense and trips to the pumps. Here are some useful tips:

Driving Habits
Keep your car’s undercarriage clean. The debris on your vehicle’s undercarriage can reduce the mileage and cause a slew of damages.

Treat your car’s accelerator and brake pedals as smoothly as possible. Rough handling could severely harm your car’s fuel efficiency.

Whenever possible, avoid using your car a/c. However, keeping your car windows open while driving at higher speeds also can create drag. Therefore, avoid high speeds as well.

Instead of keeping your vehicle idle for long, turn off the engine when you expect a long wait.

Servicing Your Car
Regularly replace your car’s spark plugs so that the air-fuel mixture can burn efficiently. Use high-quality motor oil in order to reduce friction.

Low oil could make the engine work harder. So, never forget to check oil.

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