Houston Car A/C Repair

If your AC isn’t working in Houston, TX then chances are that you are driving in miserable conditions. Adams Automotive offers full service automotive repair, including auto A/C repair.


You need to look no further. Adams Automotive will provide you with not only excellent service and an immaculate facility, but also free shuttle service to and from your home and work. If you need a vehicle to drive in the meantime, we also have rental vehicles available.

Car AC Repair Experts in Houston

Sometimes it’s not the weather but the AC in your car that doesn’t just feel right. If you think something is wrong with the cooling/heating in your car, come over to Adams Automotive. We are the highly recommended experts when it comes to car AC repair services in the Houston area.

Heating and AC systems in your car can break down due to many reasons – excessive usage over time, clogged hose pipes, or if the drip is not serviced. It results in reduced heating and cooling capabilities. Our experts serve the 77055 & 77024 areas in Houston. If you are in this region, we will fix your system so that it operates at peak performance.

Signs That Your AC System May Be Having Issues

  • It blows only slightly cooler air compared to the outside air
  • It blows air that smells damp, musty, or like mildew and mold
  • It does not warm up your car properly in the cold weather
  • It doesn’t work efficiently or quits blowing when your car is idling
  • It produces low airflow even at the highest fan setting
  • The defroster takes too much time or does not operate

If you are facing any of the above issues, visit our car AC repair shop in Houston, Texas. We will take care of it for you right away!

Comprehensive Evaluation of Heating & AC System

Once you visit Adams Automotive, our experienced technicians will:

  • Examine the internal controls and blower
  • Check the compressor belt
  • Inspect the radiator coolant operating temperature, hoses, pressure radiator cap, and thermostat
  • Conduct a cooling system pressure test
  • Measure the interior vent air temperature
  • Check if the AC pressure is as per the manufacturer’s specifications

Our Complete Range Of Services

Air Conditioning

You don’t deserve to sweat (or shiver) inside your car. Our experts will determine if your air conditioning system needs to be serviced, repaired, or replaced. You can also talk to them if you have any questions related to your car’s air conditioner.


Our experts will thoroughly inspect your car’s fan belts. We adjust the installed belts properly and also replace them with quality ones if required.

Coolant System Flush

With time, the coolant becomes old and dirty and negatively impacts your system’s performance. That is why you should consider having a regular coolant system flush.


Sometimes the hoses that transfer coolant and antifreeze throughout the engine’s cooling system may dry out and crack. We will replace them with quality ones and ensure that your system works perfectly.


Your car’s radiator needs to always remain clean. It keeps the engine cool and protects it from excessive heating. If it is clogged or less effective due to any reason, we will perform a regular radiator flush to keep your car’s system in shape. We also recommend getting it serviced regularly so that it doesn’t fail and damage the engine components.

If there are any issues with your car’s AC system or it needs an inspection, trust the experts at Adams Automotive to do the right job. Contact our team today and we will take care of it for you!