Car Wash

Best Hand Car Wash in Houston

Do you not step out in style and impress people? Then your car deserves the same opportunity to dazzle everyone. Come over to our auto repair and car wash station in Houston. Our professional crew serves the 77055 & 77024 areas in the city. What’s more, we offer a free hand car wash with every service to our clients.

Give Your Car That Fresh Look!

We are more than your average car wash. We aim to provide the best car cleaning services tailored to your needs. Our hand car wash comes highly recommended because we ensure premium and safe hand washing for both interior and exterior of your car, ideal for those who want a little extra attention to detail. We also don’t use any products or machinery that may cause any kind of damage. Your car will shine just as bright as you desire!

Detailed Hand Car Wash

At Adams Automotive, your premium hand car wash service will include:

  • Complete car wash by hand (including tires, rims, and under cage) with PH balanced soap
  • Deep cleaning of rims
  • Interior vacuum of carpets and seats
  • Thorough cleaning of dust from all door panels and dash areas
  • Cleaning of floor mats after removing them
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of all windows
  • Hand-drying of all areas
  • Shining tires

Complete Range Of Car Wash Services

Deep Car Cleaning

Our detailed car wash includes deep cleaning of all areas, from the seats and console inside the car to every inch of the exterior body. We will get rid of all the dirt, brush up the windows, and leave behind a pretty-looking ride for you.

Car Wax

Your car is consistently exposed to the torture of the climate and external agents. If you want, we can apply a protective layer of wax to the exterior body. It will protect your car from this abuse and also give your ride a rich look. It will also cover any scratches or blemishes on the body.

Interior Details

It’s not the outside, but the inside of your car has to look great as well. You should feel safe and protected while driving. That is why we will give you the best in class care and restoration for the interiors of your vehicle. Be it your seats, console, or any other component, it will look as good as new!

If you think it’s time your car needs professional cleaning, come over to Adams Automotive. Our professional crew will give your car that fresh look and smell. We also offer a wide range of auto repair and maintenance services at our service station. Contact our team today!