Engine Repair in Houston, TX

Highly Recommended Technicians for Car Engine Repair in Houston

An engine is like the heart of your car. You need to make sure that it is working at its optimal capacity so that the other parts of your car can maintain their efficiency. There may be several engine repair shops in your area. But, you can’t beat the expertise of our technicians at Adams Automotive. We offer the best engine repair services in 77055 & 77024 areas in Houston.

Keep Your Engine Running at its Best

If you haven’t serviced your car in a while or you are seeing the “Check Engine” light on, you should not delay it any further. Whether it’s a big problem like a bad catalytic converter or something minor like a loose gas cap, our experts will get your engine running just like you want in no time. Visit our service station and get the best set of hands on your engine right away!

Engine Cylinder Repair

Cylinder Block

It is the powerhouse for your car. Although it is designed to be extremely strong and sturdy, it is still susceptible to failure that shuts down your car. It could be due to cracked blocks, porous blocks, core plug, or freeze plug failure. Once you get to our engine repair service in Houston, we will take care of all your cylinder block problems.

Cylinder Head

It is the closed end of a cylinder and located above the cylinder block. It is responsible for coordinating the airflow in and out of the engine while sealing the cylinders properly. Any insufficient compression makes it difficult for you to drive your car. Our specialists will check your car’s cylinder head and repair it properly.

Engine Maintenance

Fuel Injection

This system basically fuels your car. Its failure could cause poor performance and it can even destroy the engine. That is why you should ensure that it is maintained properly. Bring your car to our service station and we will take care of its maintenance for you.


If your ignition system is working properly, you can easily start your car and maintain high performance. Our technicians will promptly check for its maintenance and replacement needs.

Spark Plugs

Sometimes a spark plug that hasn’t been changed for a long time can cause ignition problems. Our skilled technicians will check and replace the spark plug if required.

Oil, Lube, & Filter

You should change the oil, lube, and filter in your car every three months (or 3,000 miles). For quick and efficient service, visit our service station at your convenience.

If you are facing any issues with your engine or you think it’s time for an inspection, trust our technicians to do the right job. Contact our team today and we will take care of it for you!

Most of the processes inside an internal combustion engine are unseen. The engine contains a multitude of precision parts efficiently working in unison. Over time, some components are subject to wear and can affect engine performance. A timely engine inspection is the appropriate response as soon as any performance problem is noticed. Early maintenance is the best choice to minimize expenses and prevent a larger problem in the future.

You don’t have to wait for a dash panel warning light to inform you to check the engine. If you detect any change in the performance of your vehicle, it is time to contact Adams Automotive. We specialize in engine repair and can correctly diagnose all engine problems. We have a fully equipped repair facility, and our technicians possess ASE certification. We understand customer concerns and will provide you with a cost estimate before any repair. Adams Automotive is able to perform a complete range of engine maintenance services. We also have the tools and equipment necessary to replace an entire engine if necessary.

Our experienced technicians can perform most repairs while you wait, but you will also be presented with a time estimate for your convenience. We have the practical experience necessary to provide you with the most economical solution for your vehicle. Our diagnostic equipment is very effective in measuring engine performance and locating any weak components. After the service manager has listened to your descriptions of any performance issues, a technician will proceed to diagnose the problem. The cost estimate will consider your future use of the vehicle and the best option to guarantee your continued satisfaction. The proper maintenance of a vehicle will maximize the length of time it is available to provide dependable transportation. We also provide a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty on all services. Other warranty options are also available to ensure that you have complete confidence in your vehicle.

Our shared objective is for your automobile to perform flawlessly and reliably. Call Adams Automotive today to obtain further assistance with your vehicle. For your convenience, you may also submit an online quote request along with a description of the engine problem.