Steering & Suspension Repair

Steering and Suspensions Repair Units

Has riding in your car become a bumpy, jolting experience? If so, don’t blame poor road conditions, potholes or poor driving ability. The problem may actually be in your suspension system. So what does the suspension system do, and how does it work? The purpose of the suspension is to keep all four tires on the ground at all times, whether the car is turning, braking or accelerating. The system works because when your tires make contact with the ground, they create friction. The suspension system takes this friction and distributes it evenly throughout all four tires. When the system fails, one tire may end up carrying more weight than all the others, causing difficulty in handling the car. While some may be tempted to just live with bumpiness and a rough ride, this is not the recommended course of action. If you have a problem with your suspension system and don’t fix it, you may end up with misalignment and premature tire wear. These things can have a severe impact on the way the vehicle operates. Most especially, steering around corners will become extremely difficult. As with almost any car problem, routine maintenance is the key to preventing any major issues. For this reason, Adams Automotive checks every component of your suspension system during routine maintenance procedures. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; that means that if just one component is malfunctioning, the whole system can be thrown off. And your suspension system has quite a few moving parts, including:  
  • center and sway bar links
  • idler and pitman arms
  • rack and pinion units
  • tie rod ends/sleeves
  • CV joints/boots
  • struts and cartridges
  • coil springs
  • shock absorbers
  • ball joints
  • bushings
The bottom line is this: don’t just accept the consequences of having a bad suspension system; even if they seem like minor nuisances at first, they may eventually lead to problems which are much more costly to fix. Instead of waiting until you’re stranded on the side of the road, take your car to Adam’s Automotive to have our technicians provide routine maintenance on all the systems of your car.