Transmission Service in Houston, TX

Transmission Repair Experts in Houston

The transmission is connected to the most important parts of your car. You can’t take transmission lightly and it needs to be working properly for your safety. If you find the service light turning on, head over to our best transmission service and repair station in Houston.

Skilled Technicians Handling Transmission Service and Repair

Some common transmission issues that may require attention could be shifting issues, slipping, stalling, or fluid leaking. At Adams Automotive, our trained experts know just the way to identify the problem and prevent transmission damage. If you are in the 77055 & 77024 areas, we will fix it for you. Be it manual or automatic transmission repair, our experts are the right fit for all your needs.

Our Complete Range Of Transmission Repair Services

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are quite comfortable. They shift between gears automatically to optimize driving. The gears change according to the driver’s throttle pedal, vehicle speed, engine speed, and vehicle load. There is no need for a clutch pedal or gear shift like in manual transmission. However, their repair is complicated and you should get it properly assessed only by trained experts. At our Houston transmission repair service station, we will handle all your transmission problems.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

If you have a four-wheel (4×4) drive car, it will need maintenance on the transfer case, front differentials, rear differentials, and transmission fluids. Our specialists have years of experience in fixing and maintaining four-wheel drive transmissions.

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission

Front-wheel drive cars have engines that drive the front wheels only. Their transmission and additional hardware are all located in the front of the car. Our trained experts know all about them and will fix it up just fine.

Manual Transmission

These cars require using the clutch pedal and gear shift to manually shift gears as per their speed. Although they usually need less maintenance than automatic transmissions, you should still get your car checked regularly. It will ensure your safety and improve the lifetime of your car.


Clutches are common in both automatic and manual transmission cars. They receive a lot of wear and can eventually wear out. You should be careful and if you notice that your clutch is slipping irregularly or is making unusual noises, bring it to our service station immediately. We will assess whether it can be repaired or replacement is necessary.

If there are any issues with your car’s transmission or it needs an inspection, trust the experts at Adams Automotive to do the right job. Contact our team today and we will take care of it for you!

Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, your vehicle will need transmission service. Without a transmission, the vehicle is not derivable. Depending on the vehicle, level of maintenance regularly preformed, and driver most transmissions need service after 3-5 years. In some cases, vehicles will need a brand new transmission after 10 years.

If you’re vehicle is experiencing a combination of problems and the transmission seems to be one of them you may need a major service or tune up preformed.

If you aren’t sure what the problem is, let the professionals at Adams Automotive check it out for you. Don’t worry, it’s completely free and we’ll throw in a free hand car wash.